extendance is a marketing services expert firm that helps
marketing and sales professionals in ICT companies differentiate,
communicate and keep winning in local and global markets.

  • Events

    World-class ICT content and speakers provide must-know
    analysis and information to the decision makers of major
    Swiss companies

  • Events

    Current Events:

    Data Center Management

    Future IT Workplace

    Cyber Intelligence

    Big Data Success Stories

    Sales & Marketing Management

  • Events

    Invitation-only so attendees can spend time with people with genuinely shared interests

  • Events

    Become a sponsor

    Get access to key decision makers of the largest organizations in DACH in a highly focused setting

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  • Product Marketing

    Support your sales and marketing with better ideas and content

  • Product Marketing

    To produce effective content for ICT, do you need to...

    – understand the technology?

    – know what drives the buying process?

    – target the messages to the need?

    – write compelling copy?

    – all of the above?

    To find out how and why we deliver unique marketing content and ideas,
    read our Blog

  • Market Intelligence

    The company relies on you as Product Manager or
    VP Marketing to judge the market opportunity,
    get the feature set right, and position your product.

  • Market Intelligence

    Let us help you find the intelligence about the market trends,
    the features your customers will actually need, and what your
    most important competitors will do.

  • Market Intelligence

    We provide local, customized market, product and business
    insights that are highly relevant to your business model.



We host ICT events that attract the decisions makers of the largest Swiss and European companies and organizations


Data center technology trends, IT workplace, Cyber intelligence, Big Data, Sales & Marketing management and many others

Product Marketing

We deliver product marketing support for leading ICT companies


online and offline product
marketing content and
campaign ideas

Market Intelligence

We capture market data for leading ICT customers


future product features, market dynamics and trends, customer and market surveys